Williams Sports Training is unlike any other sports facility out there. By the use of well known strength and conditioning coach Mark Williams’ conjugate method, our athletes develop strength, speed, and explosive power in a safe and fun environment from middle school athletes to the pros.

Williams Sport Training (WST) is a sport specific training facility that integrates functional movements to specific sports.   WST focuses on developing the complete athlete. In every sport it is critical to improve and develop speed over 5-10 yards. This first quick step can be the difference between beating a competitor to a loose ball, getting to a rebound or making a strong defensive play. In our training at WST, we can make an athlete faster by developing the necessary speed and power it takes to move in a small space.

An easy way to increase speed is to train an athlete to minimize their contact with the ground when working on agility movements. To some people doing repetitive jumping drills may seem pointless, but what they are actually doing is forcing the athlete to decrease the amount of time their feet stay on the ground. By starting a session with agility drills and building into sprint work, an athlete’s muscle memory kicks in and they begin to apply what they have learned in the jumping drills to create a quicker first step.

Mark Williams and his staff also focus on two other crucial factors of speed: coordination and balance. An athlete without a strong core is unstable and wastes valuable energy trying to maintain balance and body control. Better coordination will allow a player to adapt better to situations during their sport. WST trainers focus on stabilization of the three joints of the leg- the ankle, knee and hip. All athletes are susceptible to injuries in these three joints and one of the only proven prevention techniques is to practice how to properly bend and absorb the shock these joints sustain during your chosen sport. Also, training athletes to bend at these three joints, forces them to lower their center of gravity which, in return increases their speed. Regardless of the size of an athlete bending at these three joints in the leg while changing direction puts all athletes on a level playing field and helps athletes of all sizes increase their speed.

Lastly, at WST, the final element we focus on when speed training is using both legs when changing direction. It helps increase stability and balance and also helps the athlete increase the speed of their turns. These important principles are invaluable to athletes regardless of the sport they play. WST’s speed philosophy fits into our greater mission of developing mentally and physically strong athletes ready to compete in all sports and face obstacles they may come across.