The WST Approach: Be the Beast

Here at WST, you are more than a number; you are a part of a family. Through the latest training techniques for strength, speed, and sports-specific movement, we seek to instill the Beast Mode mentality. This mentality goes beyond sport. We seek to build respectful, obedient, and intelligent athletes, both on the field and in life.

To achieve these personal growth goals, we’ve established the following guidelines for our athletes to follow – The 10 Commandments of WST:

  1. Be the Beast
  2. Athletes must Listen and Do
  3. Train with confidence never say, “ I can’t ”
  4. Focus on your technique
  5. Introduce yourself to others
  6. No Cell Phones in the Gym
  7. Perform all phases of the warm up
  8. Sitting between sets = 5 Burpees; Open-mouth yawns= 5 Push-ups
  9. Clean up after yourself
  10. Enjoy the prowler and the foam

Whether through private sessions or group training, we are here to make you stronger everyday. At WST, we build the beast to dominate on the field, in the office, and at home.