Sport Specific Training

Wrestling/MMA Strength Training

The posterior chain muscles are comprised of the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. This extremely powerful area of the body is a key section to overall wrestling performances. By improving strength in this area you will notice a marked improvement in speed and power in the neutral and bottom positions.  Heavy weight training or max strength training will train your nervous system and will improve force production in your muscles, thereby increasing your ability to recruit muscular power when it is needed during competition.

  • Maximal Strength Training 
  • Train the Posterior Chain
  • Grip Training
  • Explosive Power

Soccer/Goal Keeper Training

Goal keeping is one of the most mentally and physically demanding positions in soccer. What most people don’t understand is that the goal keeper needs to be the strongest and most explosive player on the field. They are expected to make that last minute save in the 90th minute.

At WST we take a more aggressive and athletic approach to the goal keeping position. Our goal keepers work on technique, foot speed, and saving the second shot.

AT the WST Goal Keeping Academy we breed athleticism. Our keepers come out of the box aggressive, composed, and confident. Our staff has the mentality to make a goal keeper into a leader. Our training methods and techniques diminish weakness in a goal keepers mind.

Lacrosse and Field Hockey

Speed Skill Program
Speed- Skill Training is that is different from regular speed training. The ball/puck is incorporated into all of exercises. The program is designed to work on fast feet while maintaining the proper athletic position when it is time to make contact with the ball. We work on creating faster reactions within the game and coach simple mechanical techniques that include:

  • Flexing at the 3 joints – ankle, knee and hip
  • Maintain weight on the balls of the feet
  • Keep the chest and head up
  • Sit the hips back not to have your weight forward while maintaining the athletic position.

All drills are one touch on the ground and volley combination’s

Agility Program
This program is designed for all athletes. An easy way to increase speed is to train an athlete to minimize their contact with the ground when working on agility movements. To some people doing repetitive jumping drills may seem pointless, but what they are actually doing is forcing the athlete to decrease the amount of time their feet stay on the ground. By starting a session with agility drills and building into sprint work, an athlete’s muscle memory kicks in and they begin to apply what they have learned in the jumping drills to create a quicker first step.

  • Increase your first step
  • Learn proper running mechanics
  • Increase explosive power