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Spring 8-Week Challenge Classes

Want to get faster? More Explosive?
How much can YOU improve in 8 weeks?

High School Speed – Wednesdays – 6pm (April 3 – May 22) – Coach Kris

Intro to Strength & Speed (9-11 yrs) – Wednesdays – 7pm (April 3 – May 22) – Coach Becky

Middle School Speed – Thursdays – 6pm (April 4 – May 23) – Coach Kris

High School Strength – Thursdays – 7pm (April 4 – May 23) –  Coach Becky

Our eight week classes provide consistency and planned progression
week-to-week in a competitive, age-appropriate group training environment. 
This model has been specifically designed to allow athletes to master concepts 
and gain confidence in their new skills over the course of the eight-week class. 

We conduct performance testing on week 1 and week 8 
to show athletes and their parents how much they can improve in just 8 weeks! 

Strength classes will focus on mastery of exercise technique 
while developing work capacity, total body strength, and power. 

Speed classes will focus on development of proper running form, 
speed, quickness, change of direction capabilities, 
and technical skills by sport and position. 

*NEW* Intro to Strength & Speed class will focus on teaching 
our younger athletes body awareness and athleticism by going over the basics 
of strength and speed development through balance and stability drills, 
age-appropriate strength exercises, and running mechanics.

Class size is limited to 8 athletes per class. First come first serve. 

Sibling discount – $15
Multi-class discount – $30
Member discount – 50%

Call 908.722.3311 to register with discount. 

Only offered in Bridgewater location at this time. 

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5-Week Speed Class with Mark Williams

10am: Saturday, February 23 – March 23 (5 weeks) – Mark Williams

Mark has been a highly respected strength and conditioning coach for over ten years.

He has worked with athletes in every sport, and has developed his own unique philosophy on how to achieve peak performance while reducing the risk of overuse injuries. Over the past decade, he has worked with athletes at all levels of the game from youth to the professional level. These group classes will focus on linear and lateral speed and agility development through the use of progressive acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction drills. 

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"I thought the strength part  was going to be really hard but Becky and Kris made it very fun.

I also love the speed and agility class because it's making me faster." -JM, Bridgewater Member

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