Sport Nutrition (Protein)

Protein Ingestion During Exercise

  • Nutrition and performance go hand in hand. Scientific evidence has confirmed that nutrition plays a very important role in sport performance.

  • Carbohydrate-electrolyte (sodium) beverages contain:

-Carbohydrate: to fuel working muscles

-Sodium: helps maintain fluid balance

  • Adding roughly 2% whey protein to a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage improves endurance performance. Better than just sport drinks alone.

Protein Ingestion During Recovery and Acute Muscle Adaptations

  • Nutrition after exercise is also important because:

-helps restore muscle glycogen

-promotes muscle repair

Protein Ingestion During Recovery and Subsequent Exercise Performance

  • Consuming protein with carbohydrate during recovery after a glycogen depleting exercise can help restore glycogen stores and can increase time to exhaustion during a second bout of exercise.

Chocolate Milk was compared against a carbohydrate only beverage and a fluid replacement beverage, to see which beverage worked the best at replacing muscle glycogen.

-Subjects that ingested chocolate milk could exercise longer during a second bout of exercise. The fluid replacement was second and the carbohydrate replacement beverage was last.

Written By: WST Trainer Melissa Robinson

Lebo Pila

Lebo Pila, a highly touted product of Saint Peter’s University signed with Jomo Cosmos last year, following in the footsteps of his father Steve Pila, who also played in the Absa Premiership in South Africa.  One of his greatest accomplishments while attending Saint Peter’s was his MVP award for his play in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference tournament in which he scored the game-winning goal to defeat Loyola in the championship.  He had spent ten years in the United States after moving here from Johannesburg, his birthplace.  Despite the commotion he made in the United States with his talent, and an invitation to participate in the MLS combine, Lebo chose to return to his home country.  Since the signing, Pila has earned eight starts and came off the bench in two games.  It is certain that Lebo will leave his mark in South Africa much like he did collegiately in the States.

Written by: Chris Demczuk

Sam Petrone

Sam Petrone, product of Glen Rock High School and graduate of Seton Hall, recently signed with Swedish Club, Mjallby AIF in 2011 after a short stint with USL squad, New Jersey Rangers. After transferring from Clemson, Petrone made his largest contribution to the team in his first year with the Pirates, tallying 9 goals and 3 assists. After a mere 10 games with the New Jersey Rangers, Sam signed with MJallby AIF. Since then, he has made four appearances for the club. After signing in Sweden, Sam was interviewed about his move and how he liked his new home. He replied anxious to contribute to the team and added that he had started learning the rest of his teammates’ playing styles. Now that he has been with the club for a year, when asked recently about his experiences in Sweden, Sam had this to say: “I am starting the second year of my contract at Mjallby. I am enjoying the life here a lot. The club is small (for a club in the top flight) but so far it has been a great place to start my career, and grow as a player. There has not been too much pressure on me to make an impact early on, which is a good thing, cause it has allowed me to play without worries of disappointing my coaches/teammates here. So all I need to focus on is working 100% every time I am on the field, and becoming a better player.. Of course this being my second year I am putting a lot more pressure on myself to make an impact with the first team.”

 Written By: Chris Demczuk