Our Programs

Sports Performance Program

Our Sports Performance program is designed for motivated athletes who are ready to make a commitment to getting stronger, faster, and more powerful.

We coach athletes in major movement patterns such as the squat, lunge, hip hinge, push, and pull over the first four weeks of Strength sessions. Speed sessions challenge athletes to develop in sprint, acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction technique. Strength programs become more advanced and individualized as athletes progress at their own pace.

One unique aspect of the program is our Speed/Skill sessions. For the last twenty minutes of these sessions, we help athletes transfer what they just learned to the
specific requirements of their sport. We incorporate the athlete’s ball/stick/racket as we continue to work on speed, change of direction, and quickness in a context
they know. This reinforces the concepts they are learning while highlighting its relevance and importance to their sport.

Through our Sports Performance Program, our staff provides a safe and educational environment where athletes of varying ages and abilities learn proper technique, increase their athleticism, and gain confidence, knowing their training is getting them one step closer to achieving their goals. We offer individual session, package, and membership options. Request a free session.

Williams Sport Training Bridgewater Sports Performance Session
Williams Sport Training Bridgewater Agility Session

Personal Training Sessions

Our coaching staff offers Personal Training sessions and packages for individuals of all ages and ability levels who would like the benefits of training with a coach in a smaller setting.

Wherever you are in your fitness or athletic journey, our coaches will meet you there and help you set and achieve your goals. Personal Training is a great option if you are new to working out or have taken an extended period of time off from exercise. It is also a great fit if you have very specific goals in mind and are not
sure how to reach them on your own, or just want to learn proper technique from a seasoned professional.

Personal training is not limited to strength-based sessions. We offer speed and agility training, goalkeeper training, second-phase post-injury reconditioning, and soccer finishing as well. We offer single sessions or packages of 6 with the coach of your choice from within our qualified staff. If you would like to train with siblings, or friends, we offer semi-private training sessions as well. View staff bios.

Williams Sport Training Personal Training Session - Boxing
Williams Sport Training Personal Training Session

Team Training Program

Our Team Training Program is designed for club, middle school, or high school teams who are interested in training, learning, and improving as a unit.  

We conduct pre- and post-testing and provide a detailed analysis of changes made over time. We offer Strength Team Training Packages,

Speed/Skill Team Training Packages and Strength & Speed Team Training Combination Packages. Our Team Training Programs develop the complete athlete and reduce the risk of injury through education and exercises. We focus on increasing strength and power, and mastering acceleration, deceleration, sprint, and change of direction technique. We provide athletes with a solid foundation in total body strength, power, and speed development while emphasizing proper technique in every set and rep.

Athletes must commit to at least two sessions a week for 4+ weeks. Designed for 10+ players from the same team.

Goalkeeper Training

We take an aggressive and athletic approach to the goal keeping position because the goalkeeper needs to be the strongest and most explosive player on the field. They are expected to make that crucial save in the 90th minute, and we can help them build the strength, stamina, and focus to make that possible.

Our goalkeepers work on technique, foot speed, and saving the second shot while our training methods and techniques diminish weakness in a goal keepers’ mind.
Goalkeeping is one of the most mentally and physically demanding positions in soccer, and after completing this program, our goalkeepers become team leaders. They come out of the box aggressive, composed, and confident every time.

College Prep Summer Program

Our College Prep summer program is designed for college athletes who want to be fully prepared for their upcoming season by training alongside other college athletes during the off-season.

We designed this program because many athletes find that it is difficult to train at the same intensity-level over the summer without their team training sessions. Our College Prep program provides the instruction and intensity level necessary to prepare them for peak performance upon returning to campus. This program emphasizes strength, power, speed and conditioning components, getting athletes ready for the rigors of college athletics.

The College Prep program is currently offered only at our Whippany location.

Williams Sport Training Whippany College Prep Session