Getting New Cleats

Whether you play lacrosse or soccer, indoor, outdoor, grass or on turf, buying the right cleat for your feet is essential.  Checking out as many different brands, sizes, colors, and materials are vital so you can hopefully avoid blisters and achy feet (and who wants that!). The best way to do this is to venture into the stores (preferably then buying online), and get your feet measured! Your feet change as you grow, your feet swell as you play and different shoe makers have different sizing charts; example would be a size 10 Nike Tiempo Legend will fit different than a size 10 Adidas F50 AdiZero. Best advice here is to try on all brands and all sizes.

Now, lacrosse cleats are different than soccer cleats which are different than football cleats which are different than baseball cleats. Soccer cleats run narrow for better ball control while lacrosse cleats are said to be a merge of a football cleat and a soccer boot. They are a slightly more ‘heavy-duty’ plus they are cut higher for better ankle support.

Material wise, leather fabric breathes better and is strong while synthetic materials are easier to clean and dry quicker. If you buy leather, look into getting some Mink Oil to massage into the fabric to protect it and keep it soft. Leather can dry out and become very stiff.

Extra laces are always a good idea in case you snap one (Easier to re-lace a shoe than to attempt to tie two small pieces together) as well as buying a cleat wrench (for those boots with detachable cleats).

Once you have made a decision, wear your new boots in the house, around the yard; break them in as you would any other shoe.

Lastly, buying a comfortable pair of flip-flops is smart too. Wearing them to and from practice (or a game) gives your feet a break and saves your cleats from being worn on concrete (walking to and from the car maybe?).

And, don’t forget that one day, this may happen to you

Its good to be the king....


To read more about sizing and care, check out these links below –

Summer at WST

Here we are in June and that means that schools all around the region will be ending their spring semester, which for students, teachers and coaches, is really the ‘un-offical’ official beginning of summer (apologies to Memorial Day holiday).  School gyms and soccer fields will be empty forcing student athletes everywhere to think about what kind of training they will need to do to stay sharp and current over the hot summer months.

Here at Williams Sport Training, we have many programs that can benefit athletes so that they can maintain their training routine throughout the summer.

Programs such as Strength, Speed/Agility and Athlete Assessments are available in one-on-one sessions or in a limited size class. Here, you can improve your level of play, learn proper execution of skills, and understand how to avoid overuse injuries. All geared to make you a better athlete.

Regardless of which program you choose, you know you will get the best training from the staff at Williams Sport.

June is also Men’s Health Month. Coaches, trainers, dads, uncles and older relatives should check out for vital information about exercise, medical advice and healthy eating habits.

And speaking of eating, picking the right foods for before, during and after training (or for those lazy summer afternoons) is good for everyone. Eating right can help you maintain your rigorous training schedule through-out the long summer months. Go to to learn more creative ideas on how and what to eat.

Enjoy your summer! Be safe and smart and we hope to see you at Williams Sport Training soon! Give us a call at 862-701-5505 to set up an appointment or just stop by!


US World Cup Soccer Qualifying

The Men’s National Soccer team (MNT) begins its qualifying journey to the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament tonight with its first match against Antigua & Barbuda, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The MNT is trying to become one of the 32 teams that head to Brazil for the spectacular 2014 World Cup tournament.

The FIFA World Cup happens every four years and is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event; an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany. (Wikipedia)

Brazil, as the host country, gets an automatic bid to play but for the other 31 teams, it’s time to start the qualifying.  Spain, ranked number 1 in the world, is the current World Cup champion having won the tournament in 2010 but like the other teams, they need to earn qualification. The United States team has climbed to 28th in FIFA’s latest standings.

For the US team, tonight’s match is part of the CONCACAF tournament (which stands for Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) and although the US team has never faced Antigua & Barbuda, they are favored to win and move on. The MNT is ranked number one in their group (A) and after tonight, they will have to face Jamaica and Guatemala.

The CONCACAF competition will be tough for the US team as they may have to face powerhouses Mexico and/or Honduras at some point. Both Mexico and Honduras have won the CONCACAF several times.

US head coach Jurgen Klinsman is hopeful that the US squad will win the CONCACAF and therefore win a bid to its seventh consecutive appearance in the World Cup.  

Now, if they could just do something about those stripped jerseys they’re wearing….

US Jersey