Summer at WST

Here we are in June and that means that schools all around the region will be ending their spring semester, which for students, teachers and coaches, is really the ‘un-offical’ official beginning of summer (apologies to Memorial Day holiday).  School gyms and soccer fields will be empty forcing student athletes everywhere to think about what kind of training they will need to do to stay sharp and current over the hot summer months.

Here at Williams Sport Training, we have many programs that can benefit athletes so that they can maintain their training routine throughout the summer.

Programs such as Strength, Speed/Agility and Athlete Assessments are available in one-on-one sessions or in a limited size class. Here, you can improve your level of play, learn proper execution of skills, and understand how to avoid overuse injuries. All geared to make you a better athlete.

Regardless of which program you choose, you know you will get the best training from the staff at Williams Sport.

June is also Men’s Health Month. Coaches, trainers, dads, uncles and older relatives should check out for vital information about exercise, medical advice and healthy eating habits.

And speaking of eating, picking the right foods for before, during and after training (or for those lazy summer afternoons) is good for everyone. Eating right can help you maintain your rigorous training schedule through-out the long summer months. Go to to learn more creative ideas on how and what to eat.

Enjoy your summer! Be safe and smart and we hope to see you at Williams Sport Training soon! Give us a call at 862-701-5505 to set up an appointment or just stop by!


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