Fall Schedule and Recovery class added

Fall schedule effective September 5th.

WST Fall schedule

STARTING SEPTEMBER 6, Williams Sport Training will offer our “Recovery” class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8pm for high school athletes ONLY.

This class is a great in-season alternative to training and will improve our athletes’ longevity on the field.

Why is Recovery necessary?

The most overlooked aspect of sports is rest. The best solution to this: RECOVERY!

Year-round play in sports increases the risk of traumatic injuries (ACL Tear, Ankle Sprains) and even greater risk to overuse injuries (Groin/Hamstring Strains, Low Back Pain).

Our Recovery class is necessary to correct body dysfunctions and alleviate the issues stemming from every day sport, including: muscle tightness, joint soreness and general body fatigue. In recovery, we pinpoint those areas of weakness with corrective exercises that WILL strengthen performance on the field!

What to expect from Recovery?

– Increase joint mobility

– Increase muscle flexibility

– Better on the field performance

– Decrease time needed to get the body feeling “fresh” again – Minimize injury risk

NOTE: This class is NOT meant to treat any current injuries. All athletes dealing with injuries must seek medical clearance before participating in the class. Due to the advanced techniques used, spot soreness may occur.

For more information, contact us at 862-701-5505 or email jperez@williamssport.com!

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